Arizona Fall Classic

2012 Events

May 31-June 3
Four Corner Classic

July 12-15
Arizona Summer Classic

July 19-22
Arizona Summer Classic -
16 & U

Oct. 5-7
Arizona Fall Invitational
Arizona Fall Classic -
16 & U

Oct. 11-14
* AZ Senior Fall Classic
* All Academic Game
* JC All-Star Series

Oct. 18-21
AZ Junior Fall Classic

Oct. 25-28
AZ Sophomore Fall Classic

AZ Sophomore Fall Classic


2012 Championship Bracket

2012 Consolation Bracket

2012 Sophomore Contacts

Congratulations to 2012 Sophomore Fall Classic Champions- PBA Pacific Baseball Academy!


2012 Champs

The 2012 Arizona Sophomore Fall Classic is for players graduating in the year 2015 and younger.
The event is a highly competitive wood bat tournament with teams coming from USA and Canada.

There is a 4 game guarantee with each pool winner advancing to the Championship bracket.

How do I get my team in the Arizona Sophomore Fall Classic?
The Arizona Sophomore Fall Classic has a long waiting list of teams wanting to attend.  However, we are always updating this list as teams/programs drop from year to year.  Please send us information about your team/program by filling out this team information sheet, and we will be happy to add you to this waiting list.

Can I attend as an individual player, if my team is not invited?
After the 2012 Arizona Sophomore Fall Classic invited teams are finalized, we will post the contact information for each of these teams.  Please feel free to contact any or all of these teams and see if they might have an opening for you as an individual player.



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